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Self titled demo


released June 9, 2012



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Eviscerate Santa Cruz, California

Eviscerate is a death metal band from Santa Cruz, CA.
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Track Name: Perimortem (Mutilation of the Soul)
Wake up in a dank black room, frigged irons clasped round my limbs, head shaved and prepared for operation, precisely sliced round eyes and scalp. Pull the skin back exposing my glistening skull, I hear the bone saws fire up. Exquisite pain, grinding through to my brain. Scorching grey matter, black smoke. Acidic mind control, a brainless slave. I must escape this fate, my souls forced to seperate.

Torn asunder, cast aside, thrust into the deapest reaches of oblivion.

A blackness, a fridged sensation. Floating on above, a gruesome scene takes form all around me. A sickness infultrates my soul, observe my living corpse, the perfect toy for a madman. My fingers, all have been removed. Tounge and eyes cut out, wretched trophies worn proudly round his neck.

Crushing pain surrounds my soul, won't escape this horrid fate. Broken will under control, as blackened fire immolates. Body spread out on the floor, butchered corpes defiled, a gruesome act to be abhored. The black lust of the necrophile. Genitals have been removed, placed in jars uppon the shelf. Perfect soul is now construed into a twisted mass once wasmy self.

Have you ever felt the peircing pains strike through your severed spirit, as your body is mutilated, devoured and then skull fucked back in the mortal realm.

Cut flesh from my bones in big meaty chucks. Cast onto the greiddle and cooked up at once. Dine now on my flesh, a bloody rest feast. Smoked in fire. The butcher consumes, he's a greedy Hell beast. Bones are so brittle crushed under his teeth. Intestines fried up, and topped off with feet. Now cut out my heart, I can finnaly die. Ingest my life.

As Hell reaches out from the black abise, I fear for my souls ability to defend. Crawling as a difformed infant on the underbelly of the afterworld. My twisted and boiled being is shreiking out through the darkness in agony unimaginable. Forever will I remain clawing and writhing in the deapest pits, of the blackest voids of the infinite cosmos.
Track Name: Black Liche Horde
Skeletons glisten under candle light. Dread Liche prepares for undead war. Lead his hordes into the oncoming fight. Reaping death, a quest to abhor.

Descend upon the town under nights shade. Innocents flee at the unholy sight. Sever their spines and open up their skulls. Undead swarm in, their prey to scared to fight. The blood of men flooding the city streets. Torn Limbs and heads crushed under bony feet. Raise up the dead, to fight for liche's crusade.

Herd what's left into the center of town. Horror struck, fresh humans to the slaughter. Dine on flesh, gnaw bones to regain power. Light 'em up, let fire cleanse off their skin. Sulfur clouds spire up from the town. Tortured cries, they're burnt from the inside. Immolate, none left alive. Reconstruct the fallen into nightmares, fresh slaves to feed the swarm.

Black Liche horde sew doom for all.

A plague of death scars the earth. Marching on, the liche commands. An infestation of life. Blight upon the mortal lands.

Flesh rot war path. Disembowel the men, fillet children, all women be impaled.

Necrotize all that hold breath, butchurize all who fear death.

Skeletons glisten under candlelight. The Liche conquers a mortal land. The stench of rot lingers hear forever more, breeding undeath.